Checklist for Wedding Preparation

A wedding celebration most often than not is one of the most beautiful events of a woman’s life. However if not properly organized and prepared for it could become one of the most difficult, trying and hectic moments of a person’s life. Best to check out benefits of listening to music on the brain, so you can prepare properly for the stress that is about to come. But below is a wonderful checklist that could help you plan for an effective wedding starting from as far as sixteen months back.


  1. Sixteen to Nine months before the ceremony. This is mostly the time after the actual proposal. During this time one could decide to throw an engagement party.This is also the time to make a head count and decide the number of people to invite to the ceremony. From this, one could also choose the wedding/bridal party. Also at this time, one should make a budget.


Further, create a binder or folder to record crucial details or information that come about while researching on wedding matters. Also during this period, it’s important to start making inquiries on the band, florists and caters who will serve in the wedding.


  1. Eight months before the wedding. This is the perfect time to start shopping for a dress. Also, hire and book both photographers and videographers for the event. For the techno-savvy folks open up the wedding website. Plus book the entertainment and reserve booking in a hotel for people coming from far out of town. Make sure to meet the carters.


  1. Six months before the wedding. This is the opportune moment to shop for the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Don’t forget to book that florist six months early. Arrange for transportation, structural and electrical necessities these include things such as the portable toilets, the limousine and chairs. This early write down the days schedule as well as starting to plan for the honeymoon. Also start to select and purchase invitations.


  1. Four months before the wedding. Check on the wedding invitations made earlier.Book the rehearsal venue and dinner. Purchase wedding shoes and start dress fitting. Also, remember to order and book the cake. Submit your wedding list to the host of your event. At this time make the use of a wedding planner.


  1. Three months to the wedding.  During this period make a list of people who you wish to speak at your wedding. Also make sure to set a date with the official to officiate the wedding. Make sure to print the card and purchase the rings. During this time make a second fitting and purchase undergarments. Finalize on the menu and flowers.


  1. Two months before. It’s now safe to dispatch the wedding cards at this time. Submit for a newspaper wedding announcement. Meet with the suppliers and make finalization to your preferences. To release a bit of the anxiousness it would be the best time to have a bachelorette party.


  1. One month to the wedding. This is the time to phone people who haven’t yet responded. Visit the dressmaker for your last fitting hopefully. Make final payments to suppliers. Remember to pick your marriage license. Assign the sittings for your guest. Write your vows, visit the barbers and purchase gifts for your bridesmaid.


  1. One week to the wedding. For this period, assign your wedding day tasks. Reconfirm with your suppliers. Visit the salon and spa. Also make sure to pick your dress from the tailor’s.  Pack for your honeymoon and make final appoints to finalize everything to be done in your to-do list. For which after this it is all systems go.


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