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Woodworking for the Big Event

We have an event planning project coming up and I’m excited that apart from doing the planning and marketing, my company was hired for some woodworking tasks. I’m now out to find a woodworking clamp. Having a clamp is very important especially when doing woodworking tasks. With this you can accurately and safely glue wood or press something down. If you have a woodworking project coming up, keep it here because we are about to share the best woodworking clamps that you should use for your project. Have a look before you go shopping so you can spend less time checking all items.

Bessey GSCC2.524 2.5-Inch x 24-Inch

Bessey GSCC2.524 2.5-Inch x 24-Inch

This is the clamp that comes top on my list. The clamp comes features a strong cast-iron frame that supports all conditions to ensure that you can use it for many years. Apart from that, this clamp has shielding pads that prevent the clamp from scratching the project. Another feature that enables this clamp to stand out is the fact it has a powder-covered finish that ensures it can resist chipping and corrosion. Therefore, you can be sure that this clamp will maintain its look from the day you buy it till you stop using it.

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Additionally, clamp offers twenty-four inches clamping range. This makes it suitable for handling large and medium projects. It is because of this range that the clamp can keep the heavy wood pieces secure while working. It comes with a wooden handle that makes carrying it easy


  • This clamp is easy to use
  • It is suitable for both large and medium projects
  • The clamp is durable and thus it will give you value for the money.
  • It is built with strong materials that allow it to endure constant use
  • The camp resists corrosion and chipping
  • This clamp offers you a wide clamping range
  • It does not scratch your project thanks to the shielding pods
  • The wooden handles are comfortable


  • Some users said it felt cheap.

QUICK-GRIP 8 Piece clamp set from IRWIN Tools

QUICK-GRIP 8 Piece set from IRWIN Tools

This is another one from one of the best manufacturers. The clamp comes with non-marring pads to hold comfortably and shield your work. The controlled rod grip form of this clamp ensures that improves convenience and easiness when using it.  You will also, love this clamp since it has the ability to exert 150 lbs clamping pressure. It features a resin high tech bolstered construction that ensures it is strong and can last for long. Apart from that, this clamp set comes with 2 handi-clamps and 6 1-handed mini pole clamps.

This makes the clamp suitable for confined spaces and smaller projects. There is also a patented ratcheting system that offers you flexible clamping force and significantly lower hand needed pressure.


  • It is user-friendly
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The clamp is able to reduce the hand needed pressure
  • It is suitable for smaller projects
  • It allows for easy positioning
  • The handles are comfortable


  • The jaws can go out of alignment

Sturdy Spring  Set of 18 from Evelots

Sturdy Spring  Set of 18 from Evelots

I’m sure you too will love this clamp from Evelots. It features orange endpoints rotate to hold odd-shaped materials, angles, and objects. It has a spring system that keeps the muslin clamp locked. This makes it strong for all your projects. Apart from that, this set of clamps features grip clips constructed of solid, textured plastic for longevity and stability. The handles are textured and assist to offer you a good grip and added control.


  • It is durable and sturdy
  • The handles offer you a good grip
  • The spring system ensures the muslin clamp is securely locked
  • This clamp is user-friendly
  • It is ideal for a wide range of projects like clamping fabric and securing paper canvas
  • It is made of heavy-duty materials and therefore it is able to endure constant usage.


  • The clamp is not suitable for photography

When it comes to clamps, they are tools that come in handy for different projects. You can use them for different purposes like clamping fabric, canvas and for woodworking. It is important that you understand your project needs before going for shopping. I swear by the best woodworking clamps found here.

Tips for a Good Planer

Apart from using clamps, my work will need a planer. I’m going shopping but I’m afraid I might not choose the right one. First, a planer is a woodworking tool that helps to examine a craftsman’s skill. A planer originated from Egypt. When it comes to planes, it is easy to get confused.

Even if you are a carpenter, you can find it hard to differentiate between a finishing plane and an upper rail. This world of planes is pleasant but you can so easily get lost in it as there are planers with clear-cut limitations. That is the reason I want to share tips that you will find useful.

Structure of a planer

Picture of a carpenter's tool

It is made up of a block with the key structure being well formed to support all its other sections. The block may be constructed of wood or metal. It can also be constructed from wood and a  bottom of metal applied to it. One thing you should understand about the sole is that it is that section of will touches the panning part. It has a crevice of changeable thickness located transversely to the running sole side.

The hole that enables the planer’s blade to protrude, based on the log shape, show a jaw or opening or a perpendicular hole that begins from the aperture and it passes the trunk to aid in chips removal. The plane iron gets halted via a wedge that is also known as a drone or cone. The same supported either vial parallel channels in the protection jaw or in the event of cast iron or iron planes. This is using a control fixed over a fastener for improvement, to a post that begins from the base.

Eventually, remember the other two really critical planer sections; the counterforce and the handles. It has two grips. One at the back and another in front. Their shape differs based on the type and what they are used for.  The front handles works to put the needed pressure so as the blade can get deep into the log while the back handle’s work is to grant the horizontal action of pulling or pushing.

Hand planer geometry

Planer geometry

This is where you get some thoughts that could be described as the elementary planer’s geometry. While the pieces we have mentioned make up the planer, it is a thing combined of corners. A hand plane has three key angles:

  • Bevel angle
  • Sitting angle
  • Cutting angle

These angles relate to one another.

Sitting angle: This is the acute angle that is created by a blade with the base or flat iron is installed on the slab.

Bevel angle: This is an angle where the iron is sharpened after the vertical piece of the blade of the plane has been removed, the triangle’s vertex that the part has at the fine end.
Cutting angle: This rather provided by a mixture of two measures we mentioned. It also differs based on the knife position difference. This may, as a matter of fact, be located with a slant angle overlooking downwards or upwards.

Care for My Tools

I want to use my clamps for a long time. I want to combine woodworking and event planning. This means, If someone has an event and needs something made from wood like a gift, I will definitely do that. That is the reason I want to ensure that my tools are well maintained. In this article, I will share some of the preventative measures that will help you have your woodworking tools working and your workshop productive.

Plan maintenance based on tool usage

Man working in a shop

While there are some machines that call for the operator to carry out some maintenance activities, waiting for this to take place may interfere with the production process. When the tasks are planned beforehand, the chances of forgetting or postponing them are less. A machine endures more abuse as much as you use it. Therefore, make plans for maintenance frequently as needed. In case you operate your edgebander for eight hours daily, a maintenance frequency once in six months is possibly enough for your machine.

However, in case you are operating three turns the same tool, you might require to carry out maintenance tasks on it after every 3 months. You may as well consider doing it regularly in situations where you do not have a trained maintenance team.

Offer proper maintenance

Make sure that preventative measures taken on every tool are essential to it. Greasing beam saw pinion or rack, for example, may trigger sawdust and grease to harden in the gears with time. Finally, stopping them from running.

In case you are not sure which activities are advantageous to every piece of equipment, request an equipment agent to advise accordingly.

Purchase spare parts in advance

Man reading magazine besides  bearded man

Ask the equipment supplier for an approved spare parts catalog. This does not mean you will purchase all the things on that list. But you can use it to request the technicians to tell you what they recommend. The parts that you need most may be affordable and this can reduce the downtime once they are required.

Allow equipment  service staff to train employees

While a technician is operating a tool, have relevant staff observe and challenge him. After some days of watching the technician, the operator might have the ability to some minor issues and eventually be the expert you need.

The best thing is that you can have your technician propose some of the maintenance processes that your operator can carry out.

Record service appointments

While scheduling a maintenance appointment with the machine maker, ensure that the staff from your technical department are present to document the inspection. It is vital to record not just the service dates but also the machine parts that have undergone checking and the kind of service performed on them.

Ensure your representative has the inspection record copy. This checklist will work as a record to the maker and will assist you to point out the things the employees need to inspect by themselves. This way, your machine will be running consistently while you get value for your money. You will not have to close your factory or workshop even for a minute.